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By Kim Waltmire

The Art of Visual Writing focuses on the natural need for experiences with both words and pictures as children venture through their own journey in literacy. Students are expected to produce written, oral, and visual text to express, develop, and substantiate ideas and experiences. In order to stimulate the descriptive writing process, visual writing explores various visualization techniques and strategies, allowing for the development of critical thinking, questioning, communicating thoughts and imaginations. The Art of Visual Writing also enhances student’s reasoning and problem solving abilities, as well as assists them in adopting creative and social outlets for self -expression. 

Visual Writing not only helps children connect with written and oral texts, it connects them to new ideas and experiences they can see and feel. These quick and scaffold-visual techniques easily enhance all writing genres, subjects and learning styles as well.

Why visual writing? It’s time to eliminate the fear of failure; it’s time to allow children to explore their creative potential; it’s time for children to have the tools/strategies that will encourage them to take risks and believe that what they have to say is important and needs to be expressed. It’s time for The Art of Visual Writing!

Carolina Collaborative Prep is a non-profit academic center.  Our guiding philosophy is based on the whole-child approach and that learning differences are life-long challenges.  All children with learning differences need recognition of the difference, along with educational and emotional assistance.  Many students require help with attention, organization, memory, language development and perceptual-motor functions.   Their families may be overwhelmed by stress, economic burdens and concerns about the child’s future.  These conditions require a broad spectrum of therapeutic and educational interventions.

 CCP's team of specialists have a wealth of experience working with learning differences, fostering a unique concept that redefines the roles of teachers and families.  CCP functions as a comprehensive unit, assuming responsibility for evaluating and meeting the ever-changing needs of each individual student and family.

CCP is committed to recruiting and retaining dedicated, passionate and highly qualified professionals.  We support continuing professional development consistent with our mission and philosophy.

Personal contact with specialists, ongoing training, and continuous  support from the board of directors enables teachers to serve as classroom clinicians and parental advisors, as well as educational specialists.  Every effort is made to integrate the latest customized educational strategies into CCP programs.

*Each family is responsible for their child's curriculum, grading/reporting and progress.

Educational Philosophy

Learning Overview

Our whole-child approach involves reviewing every aspect of a child’s development.  This process provides the tools and skills each child needs to not only be a successful learner, but also a successful and caring individual. Academic achievement is entwined with many other aspects of personal development. Cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth all play a role in a student's success.

Our individualized approach ensures that we attend to each area of growth.  We identify and nurture their areas of strength while providing support and strategies for their areas of weakness.  Our research-based teaching methods help students accomplish their goals.  Our teaching is not only about academics but also about recognizing each student's individual gifts and talents.  We promote resiliency and encourage students to explore their passions while we instill the basic building blocks of education.

​Our specialists and therapists also have substantial LD experience and teach a multi-sensory curriculum that helps students absorb and retain information.  Specialists also provide students with strategies that help  build on their academic skills.  Our reading specialists have a variety of expertise and training.  Many are certified Orton Gilliangham specialists.  Others are accomplished Lindamood-Bell specialists.   Writing courses incorporate project-based learning, research skills, and public speaking.  Speech, occupational physical and auditory therapists come to our campus to work with students too.

Incorporating our whole-child vision, science classes include hands-on labs with Atomz Lab and nJoy Science.  Field trips, team building and service projects are centered around curriculum.  Working with the JCC, our unique physical education program offers students classes in aquatics, tennis, Sharbade, indoor soccer and conditioning throughout the week.

Students can participant in one class per week or take several classes per day.  We offer specialist instruction in small group classes and/or one-on-one instruction.  Most of the specialists have substantial experience with K-5 students, as well as middle school and high school students.

Visual Writing

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